Home – some reflections

I’m home. It’s good to be home.

Last night in the car I realized how hard the return trip has become. It’s a really long day… thankfully my systems and habits of times of flights and seating and so on make the journey better… but, man, that’s a long trip… I guess I’m just getting older… It’s true, Shaw was right… “youth is wasted on the young.”

I met with the leader of a Budapest school the other day. What a blessing to hang out with a brother who is at the same time: intelligent, educated, humble and knows how get things done without making a big deal about his accomplishments. I want to learn from this. I think it’s called being  Christlike. I want to learn from this brother.

Thankfulness is what I was moved to by a couple of people who really demonstrated a fresh openness to the things it takes to walk closer behind Jesus.

Packer asked how we “move from knowing about God, to knowing God”… knowing about truth, and proclaiming truth is a hollow sound indeed when love is absent. True love, I think, wants to sit with and bring blessing to people, just proclaiming is seldom, if ever  enough. The experiences I’ve had recently have shown me how important that is for leaders to contemplate.

“Silence is golden” is a saying for a reason.

Real friendship is seen in sacrifice and real conversation.

I already miss all the walking I did to go about my normal tasks… I averaged walking 2.5 miles per day in Hungary… here, I will have to plan to walk… ahhh… the spread-out-ness of America…

It is so good to be home.

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