final night of this trip

It is my final night.

I am all checked in, by bag is just about packed, and I ready to go home.

I have been enjoying the last three days with just enough conversations and just enough down time that I feel rested and ready to change time zones and continents and go home.

I’ve had some time to reflect on this trip, and looking back, I see how God’s faithfulness has, as always, been with me all the way. Indeed, this trip has had a wonderful blend of preaching, teaching, exploring and praying.

I have prayed on this trip like none before. From mountain tops,


hill tops, top floors, and cafes. Cafes on streets,


sidewalks and in basements. I have sat, drank coffee, and watched the folks who sit around me and prayed. In Budapest, Beograd, Srebrenica, Sarajevo, Mostar, Zadar, Osijek and Szeged, I have prayed. I have prayed for young, old, strong and handicapped. It has been an amazing time to sit among so may people of so many cultures, who speak various languages and pray for them. God has given me a heart to pray for these people, while sitting among them, talking to a precious few of them, and when God opens the door, to ask a question.

Speaking of asking questions, I had another brief, light encounter with some more Mormons. I was asked what I do, I said “I ride trains, drink coffee and ask questions.” “What kind of questions?” the unsuspecting 20 year old asked. “WHY do you believe what you believe?” I queried. She gave me a subjective answer which showed me that she, a Morman “missionary”, was no better prepared to answer that question than were her colleagues on a Ukrainian train six weeks ago. Again I pitied the millions caught in this deception which is Mormonism. I hope my friends who got her contact information follow up with her and point her to the freedom that Jesus offers.

The freedom that is the answer to the needs of this broken world as I was able to share with farmers on top of a Bosnian mountain


with kids at a Ukrainian camp


families near a Hungarian lake


and finally to the people in a small Croatian church where I was then honored to lead them in the Lord’s Supper. Praise God for the good news of Jesus.

Thank YOU for praying for me. God answered, God worked. God spoke. God blessed. God showed His promise to people. Me?

I just rode the trains


drank the coffee


and asked the questions.

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