where are you going?

This trip has been blessed by God with fruitfulness, from preaching about forgiveness to a camp full of teens in Ukraine…

to sharing the gospel on a mountain in Bosnia…

over coffee with a couple of farmers…

to asking questions about life and ministry with fellow servants on the Croatian coast…

God has been faithful. Our newest teacher (to date) is flying through her processing (thanks to Joanna’s notes and copies of forms) and is all set to begin prepping for her classes. Tonight the newest teacher boards a flight from DC to Bp and we meet her at the airport tomorrow and our Croatia team will meet her on Sunday when she and I arrive by train to begin her stint serving the Kingdom of God using English. Everything is in place for her because God is faithfully at work through His servants.

It has been an amazing six weeks. After a week with three churches, a week at a camp, a couple of weeks meeting partners and getting Kathryn started, the AMAZING Balkan Loop and a week to reset here in Bp and meet with folks, I will invest a week with our Croatia team and then return to Bp again about the 3rd.

As I have been investing this week in Budapest and the outlying area, I have been stuck afresh of the great need here. As I prayed the other day, I asked God to meet this great need by sending more workers to this region. More workers to work this very HARD ground. It is IMPERATIVE to pray! it is important to give! but I am struck more and more by the need for more workers on this field. We need more to PRAY, GIVE and we need people to give up to God and GO!!! But that will not happen if people don’t pray, if people don’t give…

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