Balkan pix and thoughts from the last week or so

this is the Muslim side of Mostar, my days in Srebrenica have trained me to open the window and pray for the Gospel to come to a city when the call to prayer is sounded

16th century chapel in which invested time with God in the morning on the Croatian coast

I sat among these locals in this cafe for a couple of hours and prayed for the people of Mostar

Mostar: during the war as the city was shelled from the mountains, the dead were buried in the city parks.

Croatia coast: Biograd – while we waited for the ferry, we hung out on the boardwalk, it could have been Myrtle Beach… just the wrong language

Srebrenica: I found this chapel with the padlocked gate to be very symbolic.

Srebrenica: I was here praying for this city and the region for three nights… when the call to prayer rang out, I prayed for the Gospel to come here.

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