Mostar, BiH and the Croatian coast

I am catching up on some Internet time and thought I would post a couple of pix…

When I woke up and looked out the window, I couldn’t decide if I was in Arizona (this part of BiH appears semi-arid) or Italy (buildings)… But I was in Mostar… this is  the famous bridge

LEARN MORE HERE… My friend Jeremy and I were surprised at all the tourist shops selling SO MANY trinkets. It is August and the height of tourist season…

Leaving Mostar, we drove through the region back into Croatia through more amazing mountains and valleys to the coast

where I stayed with a house full of people for almost 2 days…

before taking the ferry to Zadar…

where I took an overnight us to Osijek…

where I have just updated this trip’s plan and you can check out the plan, pray and read answers to be thankful for. CLICK HERE

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