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this morning, my friend Sam read me the text where Jesus said to leave the 99 and go after the 1 who has wandered away… who is the 1 in your life that you need to go after and bring back into the fold?


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  1. Tory

    It’s been my observation we just wait for the person to come back on their own and leave it between them and God instead of going out and doing anything about it. Why chase after people?

    • Tom Foley

      Well, that is indeed our natural and comfortable strategy. It is, seemingly, the American church methodology, based on our independent spirit, but it is not what I read Jesus teaching. He told us to go after the 1. That’s what I hear him saying here, and in many other places.

  2. Okay, there’s a part of me that wants to agree with you because I think we all want to have someone that would “seek” and find us to bring us back. I remember being in a women’s Bible Study where the leader said that God is gentle and waits for you to come to him on your own; he’d never force you; he’s always waiting. As a semi-calvinist I’d disagree (because God is the one that initiates; without that, no one would ever come to know him on their own) but….. I have mulled over this for 3 years now, trying to make sense of it…… because, can God “make” someone do something? Free will, and all…….

    God seeking after the lost seems much more proactive then him waiting for one to return.

    IDK, I guess I wish we really cared about one another to bring someone back but….. do we? I typically hear the “Let God do it”, which I find odd because for everything else we say that community is important and “we’re the hands and feet” but….. when it comes to this, I think we don’t do anything and say it’s up to God to work in the person’s heart. We stand waiting and willing but we rarely go seek and even say to do so would be to interfere with God.

    • Tom Foley

      yeah… I hear you… BUT, let me give some practical steps that might put those hands and feet to work:

      PRAY that God would clarify WHO the 1 is PRAY that God would give you LOVE for that person PRAY that God would help you see how YOU may serve this 1 GO get coffee or lunch ASK them HOW they are and shut up and listen… REALLY listen… Pray that God would give you ears to hear… PRAY for this 1 and ask God to give you words… and wait… be genuinely interested so that they would say you REALLY cared how they were without an ajenda EXPECT NOTHING, just PRAY, GO and LOVE, let God have the ajenda Let God do the rest, let God use you. As you are filled with the Gospel, you can be used to let the aroma of Jesus make you smell like Him and care. Does that muddy the water or clarify?

  3. Definitely clarified and, I actually want to agree with you and do….. it’s just that I don’t see this modeled very often. But I like what you wrote, thanks.

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