Last day at camp

Today was my last day at camp in Vinnityisa at the Stream of Love. I spoke from 2 Tim. 2.22 (according) to the plan of the day in their curriculum. In it we are to flee youthful lusts and chase after God. But the things in life that we get rid of through confession and repentance are GONE (as far as the east is from the west!). BUT the enemy wants guilt to linger… so we remember from 2Cor. 7.10 that Godly grief (Spirit led conviction) produces repentance and life but worldly grief (guilt) produces death… be free in the gospel of Jesus where there is no condemnation (Rom. 8.1)!!


Great trips are God planned. This one sure was! On my right is Lily who is from Oregon. All of my usual translators were not available but God had a plan. Due to unexpected circumstances, Lily was available to to be my translator and God used her is cool ways. God is faithful!


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2 responses to “Last day at camp

  1. Lily Vasilenko

    It was amazing to get to work with you. Seeing the passion that you have for your ministry was very inspiring. I will keep you in my prayers, God’s blessings to you!!

    • Tom Foley

      Lily! YOU were an amazing servant of God for those days. Your willingness to step into so many roles in support of our mission at camp was most certainly a work of God. THANK YOU for being God’s blessing!

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