last pic from Belgrade

I had a great 19 hours getting introduced to Belgrade. This is a capital city indeed, it has Hapsburg influence to be sure, but there was influence I recognized from Kyiv, indeed on the bus coming in we passed the airport and went down this wide, straight highway that looked like coming into Kyiv. But in the city, I felt I could have been in parts of NYC. The influences were wide. Below, I’m heading for the railway station, but I hope to return.

On the train, I shared a compartment with a Serb from Montenegro who was born in Bosnia but fled before the war. It was a lively discussion about history and politics which the Lord allowed to turn to Himself. I shared with my new friend that God’s love for him is complete because of the finished work of Jesus. I taught him the Jesus prayer and urged him to meditate on 1 John. I am going to keep up with him via the internet. I could see in his eyes that he is open to knowing God more deeply. I was glad for this divine appointment.


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5 responses to “last pic from Belgrade

  1. Uhrin Gábor

    Two thumbs up my dear brother! 🙂

  2. Lynn

    Are you home?? Glad there was no snow i Beograd. I was there in 1971 for the first time and then in 2003 when they finally opened the borders to Croatia at a Women’s conference. The women said not to rely on govt., money or man but on BOG, God. Very moving. Gypsies led the worship. We prayed for you and THANK YOU for your heart for the Balkans. Bog je dobar. See you sooon.

  3. Németh László

    10 thumbs up!

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