does God overload us?

does God overload us?

So here is the crowd from the pizza dinner on Sunday night (thx for the pic Lea). Laci (bottom right) gave us a briefing on the work in Sarajevo. You’ll read and see(?) more from there when I get there in two weeks. [PIC: clockwise from Laci on bottom right, Petra, Keri, Lottie, Lea (like the princess), Seth, Joanna, Mark, Kirsten, Will, me (only grey head), Lea (as Lee), Dave and Doug]

On Monday I traveled through the frozen (it’s 18F and snowing again this morning) tundra here in Hungary to Vac and was pleased to meet with four families over the course of the day. During those conversations, and as I think about the life of God’s servants over here, I have begun to think about these questions that I share for your consideration:

Does God overload us?

Is doing other than what Good has given us wise?

Could doing really good things distract us from doing the right thing(s)?

These are questions for all of us to ponder.

Remember Chambers: “The job of the missionary is not to win souls or be useful; the job of the missionary is to do the will of God.”

OH! I slept all they way again last night, somebody’s praying!!!! I will hold off on the “Jet Lag is beaten!” statement for one more night.

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February 7, 2012 · 08:39

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