Osijek, Croatia

This city will now be a regular part of my travels. As such, the last couple of days I’ve been out to figure out the city, what’s where and how the public transport works. Today I took some pix.

waitin for a tram

a YUGO - actually sold these in the US in the 70s or 80s

part of the local university, used to be Army base, war damage is gone

you have to look for it now, but war ruins are still around

they call it a city of parks

secessionist architecture prevails in the city center

back near the school we are partnering with, a focal point is the former synagogue

classrooms, offices and the library are in the new building

and rooms for visiting professors, this is where I've been for a few days

We’re excited about the new partnership with the Evangelical Theological Seminary and our newest folks, the Walkers who are getting settled in here in Osijek.

I’m back to Budapest tomorrow!

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