This is it for voting

Yes, this is it. In a very few minutes, I’m calling it a night for my train in the morning. I will essentially be off line until Saturday late. Thus, during the last day of voting, I will be out of action.

Thanks much to old and new friends who have voted and voted in every IP address they could find. Thanks to our team of friends and partners who, with me tracked our progress. We got as high as  #14 once and then were back to #23 just last week and then through the efforts of a bunch of friends, made it back to #16 on Sunday. I am so grateful for the energy you all poured into this endeavor. It was a lot of fun at times to talk about where we are and how to get more people to vote.

Tomorrow is the last day to vote. If you have not yet voted, CLICK HERE PLEASE

I will be off line just about the whole day. So, I guess tomorrow morning before I go to the train station to begin my Balkan adventure, I will take a look at where we are. Right now, we are 21st among 230+ organizations. I think its safe that we’ll be in the top 50 and therefore will be considered for a grant. As I said earlier today in a tweet, Mueller said “work like its all up to you, pray like its all up to God” So, we’ve sought the votes, and now we leave the rest to God, that means we are in good hands.


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