asking some questions

from Jonathan Edwards:

Do I have/do I want/Am I:

A deepening sense of God’s gracious initiative with me?

A deepening attraction to God and His ways for their (His ways) own sake?

A deepening aesthetic appreciation for the beauty of holiness?

Increasing knowledge and spiritual understanding?

A deepening conviction of the truth of the Gospel and the reality of God?

Growing humility?

Changes in my nature – both temperament and personality?

The development of a more gentle Christ-like spirit within you?

Increasing tenderness of heart and holy fear of the Lord?

More and more balance and symmetry in your life?

Deepening hunger for God – hungering and thirsting for righteousness?

Living a more practical, surrendered, and perseverant life?

From Doug Pollock:

Do I look at people the way Jesus does?

Pray: Lord, as I interact with people, may I do so as you would.

More to come.

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