a conference and a question

About 30 social workers, psycologists and other workers with at-risk children gathered today to hear from Ronda Webber who was a great resource for them as she brings wide experience to the conversation. I was present for the beginning of the conference and heard her tell folks that she counsels mothers whose daughters have issues with their view of themselves to work on how they view themselves. This really hit a button for me. In my words, she told these folks not to try to pour out of an empty cup. Here’s a shot from the beginning of the three day conference as I sat for the first few minutes in the back of the room.

This raises an important question: are you trying to pour out of an empty cup? I have invested in one of the guys I work with here talking about his schedule & priorities. We talked about how to maximize time with God and family and then how to think about how he could organize and be intentional about his time. I begin this conversation with an excercise of drawing boxes on a sheet of paper to represent time and priority commitments… it looks like this:


I’ve gone through this excercise with quite a few leaders and their reaction is always the same. “I need to think afresh about the priorities of my life.” Is your cup feeling like its running dry? Maybe you need to get someone to help you walk through some questions about life priorities.

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  1. After a sermon I preached tonight a woman came up to me and thanked me for helping bring Ronda because the information she was giving was very helpful!

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