flight 93 memorial

I spent most of today in the car. On my way to northwest PA from the ‘ville I routed myself by the Flight 93 memorial. The memorial is underway. It was dedicated on Saturday, and over the weekend three presidents have been here. This morning the park was closed for a private funeral. The family members, understandably, have sole access to the boulder which marks the final resting place of the aircraft. I shot a bit of film that I hope to put into a movie. I’ll post that here, like I did the Srebrenica film.
I guess the thing that strikes me is how with all the towns and farms nearby, the plane went down in a dis-used coal strip mines. When I learned that I was surprised. All the way here I’ve seen so many farms and pastures, mountains and valleys, that the last thing I would have thought was that flt. 93 would has come to a stop on an old strip mine.
The other thought that struck me at the wall was that these 40 souls were on their way from NJ to SF. And that they heard about what was going on and acted to save thousands in DC.
I’ll try to get more thoughts and video up sooner than later.

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