The follow quotes from a single page of this book provoked a lot of thought as I pondered them (this is why it takes me forever to read Willard, ugh).

Read these thoughts and ask yourself about how certain unsanctified feelings impact your life, your marriage, other relationships, work, even the church you attend, ministry and even your relationship with God.

“Much of the great power of feelings over life derives not just from the fact that they touch us, move us, but from the fact that they creep over into other areas of our life; they pervade, they change the overall tone of our life and our world. They spread like an unstable dye or a viral form or a yeast. They may take over all else in us, even that to which they have no relevance. Things and people around us then look different, take on a distinctive tone or meaning. And that can even determine the tendency and outcome of our life as a whole.

This explains why it is so hard to reason with some people. Their very mind has been taken over by one or more feelings and is made to defend and serve those feelings at all costs…

…Beyond the individual level, poisonous emotions and sensations often take over entire social groups, blinding them and impelling them on terrible courses of destruction.” – Willard (Renovation of the Heart, p. 124)

From this, what are some important questions that you (we) need to ask yourself about unsanctified feelings? What questions do you (we) need to pray through for God to help you(us)?

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