recession or reality

I was having lunch with a learned friend yesterday and we were speaking about life in the ‘ville and America in general… I said something like this, ‘the recession is over, what we have is a new reality.’ That is a troublesome statement for a lot of people.

This morning I opened The Atlantic to two pages of charts… take a look… I think Lavin supports my assertion. Yesterday, as I watched the news, I was struck by the discussion on the 2012 USA budget – WATCH HERE… I tweeted “Recession’s over; what’s left is the reality. It’s time 4 ingenuity & hard work 2 build USA to 2 better reality: reduce deficit & debt now.”

When I look at the national debt and the continuing deficits and consider the long term cost, I am glad my hope is in God not in Washington D.C..

I feel bad for those whose trust and dependence is on their entitlement programs and whose hope for the future is in the government.

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