Answered Prayers – updated

1. Joanna is on the mend, got her new cast, may even go back to her classroom sooner than once thought… God is good. Thank Him, would you?

2. God has seen fit to allow the powers that be to give me a provisional acceptance to the doctoral program that we’ve been praying about. There are still a number of details to be worked out, but I have been given the verbal green light which includes this instruction: “Read, read, read!” The syllabus includes a list of books and articles that, at present, is just under 4,500 pages of reading that is to be completed by early May. Whew. There is a two week residency requirement each year, this year the residency is in Eastern Europe (get it?). We figure there is just enough time to get this done. So, we are pushing ahead. I am trusting God for the time and energy to do the reading and writing and for funding. I told my friend that if God opens the door he will provide the time, energy and the money. God is always faithful. Please pray for the details to be worked out: final approval, the books read, the papers written and for God to teach me many things through this program. It is our belief that this is a needed step in our ministry, so we follow Him. I am reminded of a recent Tweet: “passion begins a thing, discipline finishes it.” Prayer for discipline is needed. Thank you for your prayers.

Here on, you will be seeing postings from the reading. In fact, I think the blog will become the repository of quotes from the books so as to provide me with a ready resource for the writing that will come.

Thanks for your prayers.

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