belief and living

I heard a guy yesterday say that it is easy to get people to believe stuff. I read another guy who said that people who are not in a community of belief can, when they experience the community, better understand belief.
These two thoughts are interesting for those who are seeking to be part of helping people believe for the first time.
But the question for me is how to help people not just believe. I want to live. In that life, I want to grow in belief and faith so that I may be used to help others understand, believe and have faith. Jesus said to some blind guys, “Do you believe that I am able to do this?” When they responded in the affirmative, he said… “According to your faith…” Thus, in this context, Jesus differentiates between belief and faith. Geo. Mueller was a man of accomplishment because he knew the importance of prayer. This prayer (apparently hours per day) was faith exercising and faith building prayer. May we build our faith by exercising it through not just believing but stepping out daily in faith. What do I need to step out in faith about today? What do you?

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