Back when I taught about God, us and the world in a classroom of 18 year olds, I did a lot of thinking about what really is. I came to the conclusion that time does’t exist. I came to this conclusion as I considered God, me and what I read about reality in the Bible. Yesterday, I was told about a video that a young man studying at Mr. Jefferson’s school had to watch (I think I have that right) for a class. As we talked about it I thought that I must watch it. So, I asked my young friend to text me the address…

I just watched it. I as intrigued… all that I had thought about during those years (when I did that kind of thinking) seems to have scientific backing… but that’s not the big news, the big news is that as I watched this physist I saw within this theory and explanation some incredible theological importance… I would even be so bold as to suggest that there appears, at least to me, some elements of general revelation… see what you think, if you dare invest twenty-some minutes in physics with theological import…

oh yeah, I’m continuing to post on the blog having decided to not worry about how often or seldom I post (but I decided that before I was reminded that time doesn’t exist)…

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  1. WOW,
    1. You have NEVER shared your theory with me. (shame on you)
    2. I like the theory even before I watch this video.

    Now off to watch it.



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