been busy, sorry, but I have been reading

I’ve been puttin in some longer hours the past few weeks (not whining, I love it) so I’ve not posted much. It seems that by the time I get to the Internet at night, I check email, communicate with home, post a tweet and go to sleep… I haven’t watched TV in two and a half months (and am blessed by such)…

Riding the public transit, I have really been enjoying The Reason for God by Tim Keller riding hither and yon on the busz, metro or tram… I’ll be posting some thoughts about it soon, but here is my main thought.

I’ve read and taught Mere Christianity for over sixteen years. I have read a lot of books that the covers claimed that “not since Mere Christianity… blah, blah, blah…” you know what I mean.

But this book, this book really does rise toward the level of Mere. Indeed, in many ways Keller is doing the same thing Lewis did. He is trying to first make sense of things for an unbelieving reader in a friendly conversational tone (of course for Lewis, it was initially a listener) and then he provides a clear description of what Christians believe.

No, C. S. Lewis does NOT need to move over, Mere remains at the pinnacle (yet way below Scripture) but I think that maybe, just maybe, everyone else should.

I urge you to read The Reason for God.

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