On the long ride to DelPest Church the other morning (where Laci presented a great talk on “what we should do” as followers of God), I was thinking about chess. And how we are pieces on a chess board of the human story. I thought of Jesus as the King and the Holy Spirit as the Queen.

The King, having done his work, stands royally, while the queen moves to and fro, up and down and diagonally across the board of life. I thought of how she can help pawns, as they travel on their journey, and can  become Rooks, Knights and Bishops as they serve the Kingdom.

But in this chess game, the laws of time and space are suspended since we know that the enemy has indeed placed our king in check, but through his rising, he has put the enemy in check-mate. We are still in the game, but we know who wins. It is good to be a knowing pawn.

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  1. Laci Nemeth

    awesome analogy!

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