continuing south this afternoon

After a great evening and morning with Jeremy, Petra and the boys, Jeremy drove me the hour and a half from Orahovica. We were not in too much hurry because this particular train is usually quite late. but we arrived about fifteen minutes before the train was scheduled to stop. We had have great talks and I was very well fed. It was great to be with these good friends. We talked till late and then after breakfast continued out conversation. It was really great to hang out in the country. Thanks for your hospitality and friendship guys.

Then, after waiting almost an hour and a half, I headed for Bosnia where I look forward to hanging out  with Dejan and Michelle for a day before the prayer retreat in the mountains. I am grateful for Mark who got the sleeping bag and backpack out for me to use on this part of the adventure. As the train arrived at Osijek, I moved quickly to get on the Hungarian car. I was hoping for the same good conditions I rode down from Budapest on yesterday but it seems that the guy who connected this engine to these two cars forgot to connect something and there doesn’t seem to be any electricity. Oh well.

I had forgotten that in northernmost Bosnia, the train stops at intersections for cars… I think we stopped once for a chicken… But now am in Sarajevo, already having fun with Dejan and Michelle…

to Sarajevo to visit Dejan and Michelle

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