more from _A Praying Life_

Mid day, I went to meet my Szeged friends to vsit with them on their way to the airport, I spent the ride down to see Andy, Samm and Kimbo going over my notes from _A Praying Life_. In sorting through all the quotes, I found these to be the most helpful for my own praying life:

about Jesus… “And he prays. And he prays.”

“When Jesus tells us to believe, he isn’t asking us to work up some spiritual energy. He is telling us to realize that, like him, we don’t have the resourcesto do life. Whenn you know that you (like Jesus) can’t do life on your own, then prayer makes complete sense.”

“We look at the inadequacy of our praying and give up, thinking something is wrong with us. God looks at the adequacy of his Son and delights in our sloppy meandering prayers.”

“If you slow down and reflect, you’ll begin to see whole areas of your life where you’ve been prayerless.”

“Until you are convinced that you can’t change your child’s heart [or anyone elses for that matter, even your own], you will not take prayer seriously.”

“I often find that when God doesn’t answer a prayer, he wants to expose something in me.”

“You can’t walk with the Shepherd and not begin to change.”

I think one of the things that I am taking away from this book is that to connect to and hear from God I need to soak often in the Scriptures and I need to abide quietly with Jesus day in and day out. This is how I am changed, not from regret and remorse, but from biblical repentance: recognizing my sin (and not being surprised at it), crying out to God asking Him to change me, and rejoicing as I receive the work of the Spirit changing me from the inside out.

I urge you to go buy and read this book. As one friend who took that advise said, “It is changing the way I think about prayer.”

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