denial of genocide

I was talking very briefly to a politician the other day and this person mentioned that congress had passed a resolution on the Armenian genocide during WWI. I was glad, the politician was surprised at my being pleased, there was no real opportunity for an exchange.

It seems that Bush II and Obama agree that Turkey should not be offended by recognizing this horrific act committed by the Ottoman Empire at the beginning of the last century.

I was glad to hear that at least one committee in congress back in March had the willingness to speak up. I have not heard the news since early this morning when the BBC said that some leaders from Armenia were hoping that Obama would use the word genocide. According to what I can find on line, he didn’t. Our NATO allie Turkey would be ticked off. That’s a real shame.

Its a real shame that politicians don’t see justice as justice and not as being subject to who you don’t want to offend.

Use this link to see a brief Russian TV news clip for a summary…


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