the path

C. S. Lewis taught that we need more reminding than teaching, to that end (being reminded), I read the following texts regularly (nearly daily) to have the Scripture remind me. Having mentioned this practice elsewhere and having been asked to post them, I share them here…

Deut. 6.4-5

Deut. 5.6-21

Psa. 19.7-14

Psa. 46.1-3

Psa. 103.1-14

Isa. 1.17

Isa. 43.19

Jer. 17.7-8

Lam. 3.22-24, 40-42

Hab. 3.17-19

Matt. 5.3-12

Matt. 6.9-13

Matt. 11.28-30

John 15.1-17

2 Cor 2.14-17

Col. 1.15-20

Col. 2.6-15

Rev. 4.8b, 11

Rev. 5.9-10

I hope to turn these into links directly to the text soon.

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