whew, the last week

(Fb reader? click see original post) Sweet Anna is on the plane… they do ask a ton of questions when you fly straight to the U.S. It sure was good to have her here for the CEOOGPFME and to hang out with in Vac and Budapest for a few days. We even babysat the Nemeth girls last night. I was sad to see her go this morning.

This has been a really busy trip. Here are some ramblings.

When I was in Ukraine back in February, it was 12 degrees at night and 25 in the day and the snow and ice were the things to walk on. Bosnia was not much different, the snowscape from Sarajevo to Srebrenica were amazing. It stayed cold for a long time it seemed. Then last week when Sweet Anna arrived, it was like she brought the spring with her! Laci thinks it was his summer tires, I credit her highness. I look around and the coats are less and less visible and when you see them they are usually on someones arm not being worn. Spring began officially last Sat (?) and it sure is a beautiful day today.

I have seen a lot of cool stuff, have had a lot of great conversations with people. In those conversations, I have seen new ideas developed and vision for serving clarified. There is one main thing that is becoming clearer to me. The mission of CEO is getting bigger than these getting older bones can handle alone. This is clear because there is too much to do on this side of the Atlantic and there remains a lot to do on the other side of the Atlantic. A year ago, a wise mentor told me I need a USA partner. I fought the idea for a while. I slowly came to accept it. Now, with what I see needing to be tended over here, I know that is true.

Its not that I’m getting too old for this, that’s not so much the issue. its that I need some back-up in the US when I’m away and some help in the US when I’m there. Indeed, it is becoming really clear to me that if i wanted to stay over here, there would be way more networking and connecting for the sake of the mission than I could keep up with. But I am aware enough that I must keep working in both places. So, it seems the next big prayer for me is to ask God for that first officer for this ship I travelling on.

Another cool thing that I saw while I was here was the way the CEO network of partners and friends is working together in global ways to connect and develop alliances and partnerships for the sake of the Kingdom. People putting aside personal agenda for bigger things that are about the Kingdom not about ambition. That is an awesome thing to see.

I only have a few days left and have accomplished most f what I set out to do on this trip. I have a couple of more conversations that need to be had but they will happen naturally when I get a couple of more contacts. Mainly, I need to just dot some ‘i’s and cross some ‘t’s. I’m keeping Saturday quiet intentionally and am gonna hang out with an old friend in Munich for a few hours on the way home Sunday.

From the alarmist emails I am getting from the USA about health care, it seems I have been missing a renewed fight. So, I would guess my growing views about that are going to get expressed herein sooner than later…

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