latest books

some books I’ve finished lately:

Very insightful to life under communism in Hungary in the 50’s. Much of this was gleaned right from a daughter’s examination of the Secret Police files. As I read it, I would Gmap the locations and it was more meaningful to me as I am more and more familiar with Budapest. I’m not sure everyone would have connected to the book, so I withhold strong recommendation. But I very much enjoyed the read.

Okay, I got this as a gift and was pretty excited. But, I was a little pu off my some of the leaps the writer took to explain stuff. Don’t get me wrong, it was great to read about the albums and read about the spiritual journey therein but I guess I broke rule 1 and had an expectation. My bad. But if you’re a U2 fan, I think it would be enlightening, if nothing else, it verifies a lot of what you are thinking as you listen to the lyrics. I would like to hear his thoughts on the new album.


I brought this on the trip… haven’t quitee opened it yet.

A friend gave me this last week, I brought it, I think I’m due some reminding on this topic.

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  1. Luke Davis

    Good stuff. I’ll be interested in your assessment of the Wright book. Shalom,Luke

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