appetites are complex things that humans have… A more common word that we hear is hunger. We hear people say they have a hunger for this and that (acclaim, popularity, wealth, power). It is this hunger, appetite if you will, that I have been pondering today… I heard a talk earlier that, in passing, mentioned the Old Testament king Saul and how he began screwing up when his appetite for acclaim and approval of men became greater than his desire to do what his calling was…
It really struck me as important for lots of us…
Over the last months a common thread has been running through many conversations I’ve been having: calling…
SO, the question I need to be asking myself:
Is my hunger to follow my calling greater than my various (and voracious) appetites?

If so, I can stay on course.

If not, my appetites can draw me away from the ‘should’ and into the ‘want’.

Of course this begs the question of knowing my calling to start with, but that will have to be another post.


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3 responses to “appetites

  1. Arden

    Ooo, here’s a thought: should we be following our calling or the Caller of our calling?

    • I think that everyone serious about calling understands that you can’t have one without the other. Implicit in the word “calling” is that someone is calling speaking forth to draw us to them or something. Thus, in our context of following Jesus, it should be obvious that ytou can’t get personal calling without being his follower, or to use the Bible term – disciple… Indeed this is the problem. People are off track BECAUSE their activity in discipleship, their activity and intensity, if you will, of following God has lessened, or fallen off. I was thinking about a friend the other day who is in the ministry and his life is seasoned with Jesus. He is frustrated in life and ministry because that is backwards… he needs not to have Jesus season his life, he needs to have Jesus BE his life. Jesus told us to abide in him. Pastor Dan calls The Call by Os Guiness the thinking person’s Purpose Driven Life.. In The Call, Guiness reminds us that to understand calling we must realize that or first calling is to have an ever deepening relationship with the Lord. You can’t hear a calling if you are not listening to the One doing the calling.

  2. Arden

    ya there ya go!

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