last full day in Bp

a long, long time ago, on a continent far, far away, I was in the air force and in Okinawa. We pretty much hated being there and counted the days till we went home. We made maps with a grid that had the 18 months of our assignment in days. Every day that went by we marked the map or poster or whatever and knew how many days we had left. I am not counting the days so much as I am ready to go home after 5 1/2 weeks.
This has been an amazing trip. I am a richer person because of it. New friends were made, old friendships strengthened, new opportunities abound. Now to go home and evaluate.
I will miss the ability to get on a bus, tram, subway or train to get where I am going. But I look forward to people speaking English, mowing my grass, working in my yard, being among my books, having wireless, and most of all seeing and being with Sweet Anna.
I love these trips and believe I am specially wired for this kind of journey. Going back to the US is never easy though. With every trip and its experiences, I am changed. This trip, with the townships and especially the funeral last Saturday has been particularly impacting. But these trips renew my hope. because I see God at work in the lives and hearts of people in amazing ways.
I have had many great conversations with people here and look forward to more in the months ahead, but I am ready to have conversations with people at Greenberrys, Starbucks and Tip-Top. I look forward to the new opportunities that lie before me in that great unknown of future days.
So, today, I pack and chill. Tomorrow I fly and in a few days after I get back home to the ‘ville, I suppose I’ll be posting about new routines, renewing conversations and the reading I will be able to do. I anticipate that blogging will be lessened for a few days but watch the Twitter for what I’m up to. I’ll be twittering from the HU phone as long as I can.
Oh, if you are a praying person, I would be grateful for prayers toward smooth connections through Heathrow terminal 5 tomorrow about 10-12 am eastern time, 1600-1800 CET… oh and getting my luggage would be nice too! Peace from Grace.

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  1. Lori

    I , too, agree that you are wired for this type of journey. You give true meaning to the phrase “on a mission”! I’m excited to see what great things unfold for you as you experience…life after covenant school.

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