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a great time at church and random thoughts

I was at the new church in Mossel Bay today and man has it grown!!!! Their one year celebration is next Sunday and I am glad that I am going to be here for that. I was honored to speak to the folks today on the topic of reading Scripture. Scripture is vital to the life of the follower of Jesus, but sadly, many of us don’t read the Word enough.

On a happy note I got the good news that the team is home safe!

I am getting some time to rest and read… I am also going to make some time for solitude while I am down here… about three days this coming week.

More soon from S. Africa as soon as I find a coffee shop and some wireless time there.

On a related note… you readers in America need to be thankful for your dsl and free wireless all over the place… maybe more on that later… huh, maybe I’m getting rested… I feel some rants coming on!

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English “camp” in Budapest

Over on Joanna’s blog are pix from the week… click here

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Mossel Bay

I am pleased to be posting from Mossel Bay, S. Africa. I am staying with the Davis family for awhile. Tomorrow, I’ll be speaking at the church that officially began almost one year ago. Josh and Abby are awesome servants of God that I love being around. So, twittering and posting will, for the next couple of weeks, be from down here.

I was able to text the princess of Obuda and learn that just as I landed, the team was checked in and on their way back to the U.S. I am grateful for their willingness to work and serve among kids, students and young professionals. I believe that the time they invested in folks in Vac and Budapest, added to the other investments of time and love by Joanna, the Coppages, and the Newells will bear everlasting fruit. 

My next almost two weeks will be in and around the church in Mossel Bay and the related outreach of the body of Christ here. This will be a more intentional vision clarifying trip for me since I had my introduction to Mossel Bay and the church last year. I am also going to make some quiet/solitude time happen. Scheduling that will be a top priority tonight and tomorrow. I will be preaching tomorrow about returning to Scripture as a guide for life. My friend Mark made a great suggestion about using Josiah that has really gelled as a basis for this talk. I may post about the talk tomorrow.

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the latest

two of my fav colleagues at one of the best places on earth

two of my fav colleagues at one of the best places on earth

On most of these trips there is a Friday – Saturday leg of the trip in which Saturday breakfast is enjoyed by Gabor (not pictured), Arden, Laci and me. This morning was no exception. But Arden is moving to America and Laci, Keri and their girls are moving to Budapest. Gabor and I will hold down the fort on the Saturday breakfasts. The night before was the last ICF of the season, check it out on Arden’s blog (she even snuck in pic of me!).

Meanwhile in Budapest Joanna and the team were hanging out with students at Coffee House…


Our hope is that the conversations we are having with students will have meaningful and eternal consequesnces…


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travelin in the Heartland

In in the Heartland for another 9 days with a great team. Please pray for our endeavors in Vac and Budapest. I am also making some side trips while the team is pretty stationary working with CEO’s partners. My hope is to make new connections for CEO partnerships. After the Heartland, I’m off to South Africa for for a while. My posting will remain in the minimalist mode, but I will be putting up a daily tweet so keep your eye on the Twitter update on the right…

Here is a pic of our team and our friends the Coppages at a Vac Stars baseball game. Doug is missing in the top pic ‘cuz he is sliding into home in the second pic.



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the page turns

I’ve said today’s date a million times it seems: June 5th.

I leave today with a small team for a trip to serve with partners in Hungary. I will also head to South Africa and then I’m back in Budapest for a while. This comes at a strategic time as I will be connecting with partners and visioning with them about ministry. I will also get some personal solitude that is way overdue, Budapest is a great place for me to do that.

Today is my last day at Covenant, I go in (appropriately) for the closing ceremony for high school and am leaving after my role therein. It is with great hope in God’s hand that the page turns and the new chapter begins today.

“Walk On”

Peace really does come from Grace

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home page pic

For three or four year, this pic has been on the home page of I took this pic late one April afternoon in New York. What struck me then, and still does, is the fact that this church is lit up by the sun. The light causes it to stand out against the other buildings around it. 

Well, is undergoing a complete refit and this pic is not on the new site. So to give it a resting plasce, I post it here for one last look…


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