Mossel Bay

I am pleased to be posting from Mossel Bay, S. Africa. I am staying with the Davis family for awhile. Tomorrow, I’ll be speaking at the church that officially began almost one year ago. Josh and Abby are awesome servants of God that I love being around. So, twittering and posting will, for the next couple of weeks, be from down here.

I was able to text the princess of Obuda and learn that just as I landed, the team was checked in and on their way back to the U.S. I am grateful for their willingness to work and serve among kids, students and young professionals. I believe that the time they invested in folks in Vac and Budapest, added to the other investments of time and love by Joanna, the Coppages, and the Newells will bear everlasting fruit. 

My next almost two weeks will be in and around the church in Mossel Bay and the related outreach of the body of Christ here. This will be a more intentional vision clarifying trip for me since I had my introduction to Mossel Bay and the church last year. I am also going to make some quiet/solitude time happen. Scheduling that will be a top priority tonight and tomorrow. I will be preaching tomorrow about returning to Scripture as a guide for life. My friend Mark made a great suggestion about using Josiah that has really gelled as a basis for this talk. I may post about the talk tomorrow.

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