week of the urgent results in a quiet blogging week

I noticed something this afternoon. When I have a really busy week as I am currently finishing. A week in which I am so busy getting this and that done and going from this meeting and commitment to another, there is little time for reading, for thinking about that which isn’t  images-urgentSo I guess that means that this week has been filled with the urgent as opposed to the important, which is not good. And thus, when the time comes to sign on and post something there isn’t much there that isn’t just urgent. Think about that phrase “just urgent”. It’s like saying it’s just a scratch or its just a draft, don’t worry… get it? it’s justurgent… I think we need to fill our lives on the important, that which lasts, that which has eternal fruit, that which is the fodder of ideas and contemplation… not that which cries out as



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3 responses to “week of the urgent results in a quiet blogging week

  1. The post of the Month Award goes to: week of the urgent results…

    • I want to that the academy (whoever they are) and I humbly accept this award and want to thank my mother, God rest her soul, for the inspiration and my wife and children for supporting me during the long hard hours of posting and of course to you von Lazo who have been such an inspiration to my posting efforts.

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