prayer matters

this morning I heard a great story of how God answered the prayers of his people and healed the blindness of a baby girl… that baby girl received her sight to the astonishment of the doctor… the baby girl is now, years later, one of my colleagues at school… she told the story… Prayer MATTERS!

SO… I ask you to pray for some friends… Anne and Rob, who have a three month old baby girl that is so very, very ill that her life on this earth may not be much longer… would you pray for her? for little Naomi? and would you ask others to pray for her? That God might heal her, and if not, that His Peace that passes all understanding would envelop my friends Rob and Anne?

Thanks for praying, for we know that prayer matters.

please also ask other friends to pray, maybe just link them here would be an easy way to do that…


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2 responses to “prayer matters

  1. A prayer for Rob, Anne and Naomi:

    Loving Father, touch Naomi and her mom and dad with your Peace from the Comforter. In the midst of waiting and watching, take away the feeling of helplessness and replace it with hopefulness through your comforting presence. May the Peace that passes all understanding, in the midst of this time of struggle be Anne and Rob’s. We pray for healing, we pray for comfort, we pray for your will to be done and for understanding of it. In Jesus name, Amen.

  2. from Anne’s Fb we learn that Naomi has:

    “Naomi most likely has an inborn metabolic error which her body will slowly poison itself. There is no treatment and no cure”

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