A call for Christ followers to travel

This summer a small band of Christ followers will travel together, eat together, struggle together, be changed by God through to process… it will be often uncomfortable, there will be tears and laughter, there will be the possiblility for victory, joy, failure but there will certainly be growth. If you know someone (between 16 and 21) who would, or you are someone who would risk such an adventure among other Christ followers in places that will take your breath away one day and make you sad the next, apply to join this small band who seek to serve and to be changed as the show and tell of Jesus and are changed by Him. Click HERE to learn more.


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2 responses to “A call for Christ followers to travel

  1. Jasmine Cookenour

    I think the most important thing that God taught me when I was on the trip was that no matter how I feel, I need to focus on Him. He showed me that I do not matter in the grand scheme of the universe and the fact that He chooses to use me is a blessing in itself. Even if I do not see the results that I am expecting, or if I do not see results at all, God is the one doing the work, so I do not have to see anything from it. :]
    I’m so thankful for the growth and change that God made in me and continues to make in me! 😀

    Praying for you!

  2. Hyun Park

    I experienced a lot of things which I hadn’t had before the trip — meeting with new people from different culture, developing relationships and cooperating with my teammates, spending a lot of times to wonder about myself and something that can’t be described in words (I guess it was the God), and learning English while other teammates teaching English — I also had a lot fun there and appreciated Hungarian food too.

    For me, I don’t know what exactly the Lord changed me after the trip, but I guess he altered my perception and attitude toward to myself and others, which will ultimately change my life; my transformation hasn’t ended yet, but I can tell this transformation is good for me.

    This is a little advice for those who consider going to the trip with Rev Foley. As an international student’s pespective who always wanders around the world, living in the same town, same living condition, same culture, and meeting same people won’t change anything in your life. Go out to the real world and experience something new you’ve never had before, and you might be able to find an answer you’re seeking for: about the God, yourself, or whatever. I’m thankful I went to the trip with Rev Foley and most likely you’ll be glad too.


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