Christmas lites in the ‘ville

On the way to the movies the other night we drove through a neighborhood that has lots of Christmas lights, here is a sampling of what we saw…







Ok, how ’bout a poll? which do you like best? submit a comment…


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10 responses to “Christmas lites in the ‘ville

  1. mark

    Wow. I have to go with #2 due to the sheer volume of lights used!

  2. I probably should shut up, but is it only me but either these people do not care about a huge electric bill, or electricity (just as fuel) is waaaaaaaaaaay cheaper then in Europe… or they have not read all your posts about the financial crisis (storm… ) or the whole storm is a conspiracy theory… or I am just still under the influence of medicine and should not comment… 🙂
    Lazo von sick

  3. becca

    i vote for #1 bc of the arrow to show Santa where their chimney is!!!

  4. ranting vote from the Republic of Vukovaria:
    #3 at least it has Mary and Joseph or Jesus?

    Anyhow… some kind of a message it gives…

    BTW i Sarajevo was a protest to support Santa… some weird leader wanted to BAN SANTA from kindergartens in Bosnia… and bunch a people rebelled… just read it on Croatian news… 🙂


  5. Arden

    #5 Purple is my favorite color. 🙂 most of them are WAY too gaudy for me…or gicses …..Laci how do you spell that word?

    • I love the language lesson!

      Karen you need to vote for just one!

      they are over to the northeast(?) of Rio Road near the turn off in the curves, we go see them every year!

      Anna votes for no. 1 because it is well organized and says MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  6. Lea Coppage

    Karen says 1,2,or 4. I say 5 because it’s the most subdued. Can I even use this word here? Anyway, where are these houses? They look like the ones on Azalea or Camellia (sp?) where Nettie used to live.

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