buy, buy, buy… or not

On TV the other night there was a commentator who was giving economic advise to everyone. Buy, buy, buy. He said that if those who have money would start buying for Christmas that would jump start the economy faster than the government can through projects that will take forever… Obama’s 850b plan will probably take a year to get rolling… but that we can get the economy rolling by spending, so he said “buy, buy, buy.” I just heard on BBC that a 1% in the GDP of the developed world will cause 20 million people in the undeveloped world to fall into poverty. So there is something to this. W gave $300 to each of us earners last spring to jump start the economy, we didn’t spend it then, it paid off credit, went into savings, we weren’t spending then, we aren’t spending now… “foot traffic” is down 18% in stores compared to last year… there is a great woe falling over the people here and that keeps them from spending… thus the economy continues to slow… the affect of this will be more layoffs… so, is the guy on TV right? Should we buy, buy buy? Well I see the arguments, I have done my share to keep the Christmas economy afloat and am heading out today to do some more… Fear is always among us… it is the natural state of affairs… we are broken… He knows that and he has sent us peace, the Prince of Peace… it is He that I celebrate this season… especially tomorrow… at mid morning, I will listen carefully to the 9 lessons and carols from Cambridge, England… the story of the promise of a saviour, the coming of that saviour and His work to bring peace and freedom from fear… the TV guy’s mantra was buy, buy, buy… maybe. but for sure, right now, we need to contemplate the gift given to us by God at Christmas – – – Himself.

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