election of ’08

If John McCain’s qualification is experience and decision making ability and in perhaps his most important decision so far, he chooses Sarah Palin who (based on my viewing of her interviews) many of my 17 and 18 year old students could outwit…
If Barak Obama is the agent of change who chooses Joe Biden and who is known for his oration
and couldn’t outwit his opponent last night…
As neither man actually answered any questions last night about how they would handle the worst economic crisis in 70 years…
For the first time in my memory…
I am now an undecided voter.

God, please help us. We are in dire straits.


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4 responses to “election of ’08

  1. indianaopinion

    I agree. The debate only made my decision harder. There is no CLEAR choice in this election.

  2. hrh duchess of duke

    Let’s start with and stay with the “God help us” refrain (though I prefer “Lord, have mercy”). There may not be a clearer perspective from the foot of the cross (or the site of Eucharist), but it’s safer (ultimately) and saner (Have you looked around recently? Time for a “What in the world?!?”).

    Peace be with you.

  3. Arden

    Indeed, it must be God alone who helps us….everything else has obviously failed!

  4. yes, the foot of the cross… it is in fact from this vantage point that we see hope in the distance!

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