forced fast?

the first week of teaching and some significant tech problemshave curtailed my blogging and emailing… its something to think about: how healthy is my (our?) reliance on technology… and my (our?) reaction to tech problems… a long time ago I read about the impatience that had developed in people who were used to hitting enter and then getting an instant result… this was carried over to human relationships in an unhealthy manner… perhaps we should practice fasting from technology more often… so that we get life back into perspective


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2 responses to “forced fast?

  1. mark

    hey man, would fasting from “technology” include fasting from that big shiny red Staples button?

  2. wooooooooowwwwwww… this is certainly a profound question… especially considering the relief that the button brings AND the fact that so much of my technology originated from said spot.

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