the journey continues

well, there is no wireless, I got one bag of the two, my room is awesome… but there are computers to use in a common room… kinda like a free internet cafe… Laci, praying for your toe… Jo, praying for your visit to be filled with Divine appointments…

This morning I had an AMAZING worship experience… no words yet… at St. Aldates Church… God clearly drove me there… it was heart and mind grabbing… I am seeking balance with the heart and mind… we should all seek balance witht the heat and mind… off to dinner (with my frip frops on!)


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4 responses to “the journey continues

  1. Mark

    Dude, I’m looking forward to reconnecting in Bp soon. We’re excited to be returning on Tuesday. So glad you could make use of the Bivalyos Retreat Center while we were away. Remind me which days you’ll be in town.

    ROb Mezger is asking you if there is a professor named Jerry Root, that you would great him in the name of Rob Mezger, a missionary to Bosnia :).
    ITs his ex professor from Weaton…


  3. Tell Rob that Root is not here, though I heard him at a conference back in ’97.

    Hows the foot???

  4. Hey Mark, I return to the heartland on the 12th, I will be there until the 18th!

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