what is important enough to sacrifice for?

My students and I read and talked about a chapter in Mere Christianity called “Social Morality” this morning. The chapter is about social structures and giving to charity. Two thoughts have stuck with me the last couple of hours… first, that we are gifted with talents which equip us to change society and second that, when we believe in a cause, we should give sacrificially for it. I think of Jesus parable of the talents and I think of Jesus sacrifice for the Cause. I ponder these things and I ask myself, what should I be giving up? What should I be willing to risk? What are you willing to give up? What are you willing to risk? And for what cause? Your cause? His Cause?


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3 responses to “what is important enough to sacrifice for?

  1. first of all. I AM PROUD OF YOU TOM, for the move… 🙂

    second… I heard a great message on John the baptist. He came to prepare the way… he was “just a voice” in the desert…
    Unfortunately very often we try to be more then just a voice… he knew very little about JESUS, but he gave his life to share what he knew…

    What should you be giving up, I am not sure, but I should give up, trying to be more then what I am called to be… “just” a voice….

  2. Yes von lazo, you are right, we are just voices… like John the Baptist, we are called to point to Him… but…
    isn’t part of His calling on us to sacrifice for the ability to be a voice? sacrifice places? people? things? even security? didn’t He? shouldn’t we?

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