Christmas Break

Note: this is one of those diary-esque posts, feel free to travel on to more interesting blog posts elsewhere…

Well, I finished giving exams on Monday… then I graded the essays… ugh… But interspersed with essay reading while at Greenberry’s*, I had many great opportunities to hang out there and at the Tavern and Bodo’s with friends who were home from college. I also bought and began reading unChristian. He is affirming what a bunch of us who work with this generation have been saying for a while…

This afternoon, I get to visit with a group of friends from 1997’s class at their 10 year reunion. Then on Monday night sweet Anna and I head east across the pond (dodging Santa and the sleigh – you did know that he begins in Asia and moves westward, didn’t you?).

If I post (I’m planning to take the HP) in the next week, there will be a picture of the Eiffel Tower… (yes, that is the same guy who designed Nyugati Station in Budapest (just to clarify, it is by far his most momentous design… Nyugati, not the tower)… yes, we are headed for Paris, what AM I thinking? Ok, stop, don’t get political…

that’s it and just in case this post is it for a while…

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year (under the Eiffel Tower? then the plane home)

* I remember being in Gby’s one evening grading papers when they were doing this photo shoot… it was about 830pm… one of the times when you don’t have to fight for a table.

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  1. Laci and Keri Németh

    Ok, then I will shoot Santa down here in Eastern Europe and and jack you all up… No gift for you… 🙂

    Lazo tha Santa killer

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