I pretty much stopped calling myself a Christian in most contexts a while back. It’s because of my experiences here in USA and in Europe that I began calling myself a “follower of Jesus.”

The whole issue of the testimony of the church is one that is near and dear to the hearts of some of my friends and me… a new book is out which addresses the issue…

I heard an interview last night driving from DC. Some of the author’s ideas are that Christianity is seen in America by unbelieving folks as:

1. Judgemental
2. Sheltered (not in the world)
3. Too Political (should we have national flags in churches??? or photos of presidents??? am I against Romney or Huckaby because they are so outspoken about ?)
4. Anti-Homosexual (I think they mean the people not the act)
5. There were more but i can’t remember them…

This is a link to a generous sample of the book, click here…

I think this is some important material for those of us who are followers of Jesus to be aware of… how can we possibly present Jesus to folks without understanding them???

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  1. Laci and Keri Németh

    So true, Foley, So true…
    It is specially hard in Bosnia… where they look at the Christians as the ones who committed genocide….
    The serbs went with the blessing of the Serbian Orthodox Church and killed 8000 man 12 years ago…
    So the bosnians (regardless if they are muslims or not) that how they view Chrsitianity…

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