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points 4 and 5

Christian Humanism

point 4 – The Christian Humanist asserts the rightful place of reason – that Christian theology is rational and the Bible is its main text; with the Story, the Gospel as a rational foundation for knowledge [I hope I have not interpreted him too much].

point 5 – Christian Humanism provides guidelines for Christian Identity which includes education (providing wisdom, not skills – an understanding of Truth – embracing difference while being tolerant of difference – patriotic, but critically – science and technology should serve the common good not themselves… Christianity Identity includes embodied in the world but transcendent in ideals…

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an interesting story

Click here for, what I consider to be, a telling story about the state of history and culture in the former Yugoslavia.

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Christian Humanism: point 3

Point three: Live in hope.

This is not a call for optimism, but it is a rejection of pessimism. The Christian Humanist affirms human potential as the image-bearer of God who has rationality. While recognizing the inherent fallen-ness of man [my clarification], he or she will not live in subservience to evil or totalitarianism (the speaker was active in the anti-apartheid movement).


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Christian Humanism

point 2

Christian Humanists stand in contrast and opposition to that which dehumanizes people.


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Christian Humanism

SO, I went to these two lectures sponsored by the local university. The speaker was from S. Africa. The second lecture was titled “Christian Humanism against Fundamentalism and Secularism.”

In his talk the speaker (more on him later) gave a manifesto. One point of the manifesto is that a Christian Humanist believes that

Christians are humans first and Christians by choice.

more to come.

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a gift that reminds of a promise

my good friends, the “emperor” and “empress” gave me a cool, cool gift… a pen that is made from bullet casings from the 1990s war in the Balkans. There is a cottage industry in Bosnia, in particular, which take the brass(?) from these instruments of war and turns them into works of peace…

back in Feb. I brought home a Turkish Kave set made from the same material. I thought of a prophesy of peace… click here to read of the promise of peace on earth to come…

Thanks, von Lazo, as you see it is my prayer journal instrument now… may His peace be upon us all as He extends His Grace to us through His Son and The Spirit.


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think on this

“…after seeing plenty of poor folks forced into economic crimes by their poverty, and after seeing plenty of rich folks so content in their riches that they forget that they need God or anyone else, I think we are all ready for something new.”
– Shane Claiborne, The Irresistible Revolution, (p. 172)

Read Proverbs 30:8-9

I live in a rich town. I am struck by this quote and how the Proverb speaks to me in this culture of wealth…

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