Christian Humanism

point 2

Christian Humanists stand in contrast and opposition to that which dehumanizes people.


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4 responses to “Christian Humanism

  1. Laci and Keri Németh

    I need explanation

  2. revtom

    if one calls oneself a Christian Humanist, one should stand in opposition to injustice in practical ways and work for justice this is driven by one’s theology and philosophy which should value people and therefore be in contrast to that which is injustice towards those people, any people – that’s MY explaination, I have not read the book yet, its at the bottom of the to be read pile…

  3. Laci and Keri Németh

    sounds Mennonitish…


  4. revtom

    no, it sounds Biblical, and therefore that part of men-whatever that is biblical matches it

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