American Gangster

rough film, yes… film
it does not glorify drugs, it shows the lengths men will go to to be rich, to have power, it shows that all men are screwed up, even those who are faced with the task of law enforcement, they too are screwed up people… even the one guy who wound not steal money, he was faced with the fact that he had put his job before his family and finally realized he was no better… is any man any better?
This film shows the truths of Romans 1, 2, and 7…
interestingly a rendition of Amazing Grace is playing when the gangster is cornered outside a church…
its also a film about influence, how men influence one another…
at the end the bad guy stood alone, older, alone, on the street outside the gate of the prison he had just spent fifteen years in… no one to greet him, he was alone…

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