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Finished CS Lewis Letters, Vol. 2

I have beed reading this for a few months now. I finished it this morning. There are AMAZING insights into Lewis’ life, thought and theology within. Here is one quote…
“On Calvinism. Both the statement that our final destination is already settled and the view that it still may be either Heaven or Hell, seem to me to imply the ultimate reality of Time, wh.[ich] I don’t believe in. The controversy is one I can’t join on either side for i think that in the real (Timeless) world it is meaningless….” (1946, p.703)

Now, vol 1 or 3???? any input???

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back from the retreat, catching up

Driving home this afternoon from our GREAT retreat, I was thinking what a busy fall I’m in the middle of… the beginning of school, the bi-annual retreat, next up is interims (ugh), football games, a wedding to do in Oct, a CEO meeting in Oct. to get ready for in mid-Oct, a CEO trip to get ready for… man, it’ll be Nov. before I get to breathe…

I cleaned out my inbox, SO, I get this email from a friend. A fwd… (have I ever mentioned how annoyed I get at some fwds?) I often delete fwds, but I looked at this one. It was about British Muslims and the hatred that surrounds them. They carried placards of real hate. I was shocked and concerned. I invested some time researching this issue and discovered that most of the stuff out there is from “anti-” groups, either anti-God, anti-Muslim, anti-liberal, or anti-something. It was saddening. I wrote my friend that only the work of Jesus in hearts or His return will bring this to an end.

…sort of related…

From MSN.COM, “Greenspan charts our economic course in ‘The Age of Turbulence.” Who is Greenspan kidding? Please tell me an “age” during the existence of the human that WASN’T an ‘age of turbulence’?

next post will have some quotes from the talks at the retreat…

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appraoching the 2nd anniversary

The idea for Kingdom Travelin was born in 2005 at the bi-annual Covenant School retreat. JR and I were discussing life, ministry and theology and he suggested I should start a blog… 385 posts here (and a few score more on my other blogs) later and Kingdom Travelin will soon be two years old… there are lots ok kinds of blogs… I seek here through the everyday to see the glimpse of the Eternal that I think Plato saw and I know C.S. Lewis borrowed with the idea of the Shadowlands… If we will just open our eyes and see, we will see glimpses of the Eternal all around us, HE is trying to wake us up! To see HIM and to follow HIM…

Today I depart for the bi-annual retreat and I look forward to more conversations with JR, my brother in the work.

I prayed with thanks this morning that stronger, smarter, younger men are leading now… Recently, Mark sent me a chart about life stages the other day and I am settling into the role of encouraging more than doing… it’s a role I am learning to embrace… for something over two years now I have been sought ‘being’ instead of so much ‘doing’… It is, to use the language of Paul: ‘peace’… Thanks be to God for the Grace that has enabled Peace…

Peace to you, through Grace…


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here’s a post, happy?


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Narnia, church, football

I finished the Chronicles today. They were a fun read. Lewis really does an amazing job in The Last Battle of taking the focus off us and putting the focus on Christ in heaven. Simultaneously, I am 2/3 through the 2nd collection of Lewis’ letters… it is 1948 and he is thanking people for the “care” packages they are sending him. He is feeding all his friends. I was not aware of how drastic things were in Europe for several years after the war, food shortages… paper shortages, etc. oh, finished “Band of Brothers” with buddy john the other night and it seems in ’45 there was a call for CARE packages even before the war ended… I seem to remember as a kid hearing about CARE but then it was not headed to Europe… maybe Africa?

The church I attend had the greatest worship time today. All worship music and sharing from the people. It was really awesome. To hear how God is blessing people, people should hear more of that… thanks leaders!

more unrealted…
Went to UVa football game yesterday. There is one word to describe the event: SURVIVAL. That applies both to the game as the Hoos struggled at times against Duke… yes, you read correctly, against DUKE… this ain’t b-ball I’m talkin’ about folks, this is football… and when a team struggles against DUKE in football, that bodes unwell for the season… The fans struggled too… poor turnout and HOT, it was about 756 degrees up there in the sun… man… survival… but then… the guys I was with at the game needed to leave, so after the post game tailgate, I began to walk back to my car (which was at Covenant!) and the coolest thing… as i got to the bottom of the hill below Frys Spring, a guy stopped and took me the the rest of the way… it was like God sent an angel to carry me to the next stop in my journey… thanks angel!

final unrelated…
I sure am enjoying not having a TV in the living room… fasted from computers for 48 hours, it was great! thanks to Arden and JR for the inspiration to do that!

there… ya happy von Lazo?

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the beginning of Labor Day Weekend thoughts

Whew indeed… I have never been happier to get a three day weekend… perhaps I really am getting too old for this stuff????? Well, yesterday was awesome. With some level of uncertainty yet great anticipation at 0630 when I started setting up for chapel, I was most pleased, most pleased with the team that began arriving just before 7 to set up… though we had to overcome some significant technical obstacles, the first chapel of the year was awesome… I told the team beforehand “this is not a performance, we are lead-worshippers, worship God in spirit and truth doing it with all your heart, that is the job…” I think that is what occurred. It was awesome. So, the first week of school ended with all my classroom objectives met and a great first chapel.
Then last night Sweet Anna and I went downtown to see the last couple of songs by Sparky’s Flaw at the Pavilion… I liked their musical style… (this was music week… heard three songs by Third Day last Sunday night from near the mall and then Vaden Cox at Gravity on Thursday). Then we went to 5 Guys to get dinner (this was the grace of Anna to suggest 5 Guys!).

We sat at the counter looking onto main street (the mall)… there must have been eight million 15 year olds and younger out there do the younger adolescent social dance of wanting to talk to this person or that and being afraid of rejection and talking to your friends to try to figure out how to talk to this person without seeming like you want to talk to them and being all cool and stuff… good grief… it was kind of amusing to watch and then I realized how honestly sad it all is… Anna and I talked about the parents who were there too. They were on the fringe of things… looking on with out trying to seem to do such… We talked about the parties that are held in homes where the parents “looked the other way” and the two parents who are facing jail time for providing alcohol to a bunch of kids some months ago… Why? Sweet Anna asked… I don’t know, really… maybe they too… are trying to be cool?? I don’t know. Alcohol is such an issue with kids today… We continued walking, chatting and people watching down the mall.

At the Regal, Anna points out the movie “No Reservations” so we decide to hit the late showing. It surprised me right off the bat. It was not just a romantic comedy, it had complexity in dealing with workaholism, grief and loss… it was really good and I recommend it.

Now, I really must go out and cut the grass while its under 90 and before the neighbourhood assoc. calls me (as Mark and Tom pointed out the other night! Thank’s guys for the encouragement… ugh).

The reading goal for the long weekend? To finish the Chronicles of Narnia, 4 down, three to go… Haven’t read them in a while? Reread them… it is awesome reading which has great Truths that sneak up on you!

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