gettin ready for the long haul

Well, the week of preparation is over and we start classes this Monday! I’m pretty excited, but am not ready… but then, it’s not the night before yet, right Liz… wait… Liz is gone! With whom will I share the blue wing Sunday night before school??? Or should I try to get in to hear Third Day…. or should I get the class blog ready? or write my sylabus? hmmmmm… I know! I should go to Greenberrys and hang out with someone!!! There’ll be lots of time for prep!!!! After all I’ve got my lessons ready… yeah, a tall dark roast with a little room please! I just need some routine…


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3 responses to “gettin ready for the long haul

  1. Laci and Keri Németh

    WHEN you come…you gonna get punished for this post… my heart is right there… priorities are beautiful 🙂


  2. Arden

    Sitting here, enjoying Barnie’s creme broule coffee the Saturday before I have to go back…but we have yet another week before students arrive. hee hee heee

  3. Liz

    Ah, the tradition of preparing the night before. I experienced some SERIOUS nostalgia on Sunday evening (and into the first week of school). Fear not, dear Rev., I’m with you in spirit. My empire is vast.

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