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Happy Memorial Day

my first since 1997 in USA, guess why?


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I’ve added headlines over on the right panel, it will be easier to watch the news…

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Joanna is blogging!!

check it out

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is it wise?

My friend JR was in town yesterday and spoke to our graduating seniors at last night’s Baccalaureate.

He challenged these fine young men and women to seek wisdom.

One practical point that he made was this: Ask yourself, is this wise?

Good advise for us all.

Wisdom: more valuable than rubies.


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Lesson Sample #1

Lesson Plan 1: Intermediate ClassMeals:Ask students for any questions every so often
1. Vocabulary:
· Say vocab slowly and have student repeat it back to you twice
. Pay attention for trouble with specific sounds
A. Breakfast:

B. Lunch:
Chips (crisps)
Fries (crisps)

C. Dinner:
D. Make sure that students know what each food is.

2. Have students write down what they would want to eat for each meal. Then have students read exactly what they wrote back to you. Catch mistakes and help student to correct them.

3. Go around the class and have everyone say what there favorite food to eat is.

4. Ask student where there favorite restaurant is and what they eat there.5. Review vocab with students and check to make sure no one is confused about anything.6. If you have extra time, let your students teach you some of the Hungarian words for the foods that you were teaching in English.

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Lesson Sample #2

Lesson Plan 2: Beginner Class

At A Hotel:

1. Vocabulary:
• Say vocab very slowly and have small groups of 2 or 3 students each repeat it back to you, so that you can make sure that they understand the pronunciation.
• Have them repeat each word several times
• Make sure that the students know what each word is as you go through the list with them.
o Luggage
o Room/Room Number
o Lobby
o Reservation
o Suite
o Guest
o Elevator
o Hall

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