I just realized that I didn’t post about Casino Royale which I saw a couple of weeks ago! Ok, this is def. a movie not a film, I didn‘t go to this expecting to be challenged in some way to be more committed to changing the world or have better morals or make spiritual connections. I went to this because I have been watching Bond movies all my life. I can remember getting a 007 briefcase with all kinds of gadgets from… hmmm… was it ‘From Russia with Love?’ I would have been about 9, that sounds right…(with great train scenes through the then Yugoslavia… I need to go rent that)…
ANYWAY… I found this to be as tastefully done as any of the Bond flicks… I think that Dame Judi is a smashing ‘M’ and the new guy now has my vote for the second best… Connery will always be Bond. I do miss ‘Q’ though… it was great seeing the ’64 A-M again… I’m told the original is in the Spy Museum in DC. The story was great… but, if you’ve seen the movie.. Montenegro does not have trains like that. I was reminded of the aforementioned ‘From Russia with Love’ a couple of times: the train, the scenery, the Adriatic… I went for fun, and was given such!

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