"Crash" and "Capote"

At a meeting last week a colleague was talking about a conference he went to on prejudice… he said the presenter said at the beginning that we are all prejudice… AMEN – finally, someone said it… OK, this post isn’t about prejudice, it’s about movies… ANYWAY! He said the presenter told them to watch “Crash“… I did… I was enthralled. ‘nuf said.

Whilst (I love the word whilst) looking for “Crash”, I saw “Capote” on the shelf… I had seen it on the shelf before and wondered about it… see, I’m old enough to remember the hu-bub about In Cold Blood, the book about which this film depicts the writing (what kind of grammar was that ?)… (OH, both of these are films, not movies… I should post about what I mean by that sometime) SO, ANYWAY… my wife and I watched “Capote” — disturbing, very disturbing… at so many levels… the philosophy, the deceit, the violence. the emotional baggage EVERYONE in the film is carrying around – – in body as well as mind and emotion — I DO NOT recommend it… the darkness of the thing… I expected Frank Perettiesqe demons to jump out at any moment with their talons deep into the shoulders of EVERYONE! Can you read Romans 1?

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